How Handmade Hebrew Rings are Created?

handmade hebrew ring artist at work

Many times our customers wonder what it actually means that we sell “handmade Hebrew Rings?” I mean, we’re almost 20 years into the 21st century (remember the Y2K bug scare? If not, you’re too young to be reading this.. just kidding), isn’t everything on the face of the planet made by massive machines?

It’s been over 250 years since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when steam was introduced into factories to facilitate mass production. Speed up ahead to the past few decades, where every single production line utilizes a computer. How come we’re still talking about “handmade”? Did we get stuck in the dark ages or something?

Well, not quite.

Jewelry making has always been a trade of the hands. From metal workers in the large empires of ancient times, through jeweler guilds in Europe in the middle ages – creating jewelry has always been about craftsmanship. It’s true that today, from a technical perspective, computers and machines can substitute man in the production process. But in a mass-produced world, some “crazy” people out there try keep the spirit of man alive. And we’re proud members of that group.

Yes, we know we could have machines produce everything, but we want feeling, we want emotion, we want personalization – we want man’s artistry and skill. True, this sometimes means imperfection, but imperfection means character, it means that someone actually cared and toiled to create something great.

Take our Hebrew rings, with the Ani Ledodi inscriptions, AKA “My Beloved” rings. These rings have a biblical verse on them. Four words in the quote in Hebrew “Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li” – I am to My Beloved as My Beloved is to me. When we say this ring is handmade, not only is the band handmade, but the inscription is done by hand too.

So our typical work station looks like this, tools in arm’s reach:

workstation for handmade hebrew rings

Our expert jeweler (we LOVE him!) literally uses a hand saw to cut out the letters from ring’s band, which – at this stage – is just a long, flat, piece of silver or gold.

Handmade process of creating a my beloved Hebrew ring

After that’s done, the metal needs to be curved and soldered to create a sealed band:

handcrafting of a Hebrew rung, curving the base metal

(See all that black on his fingers? now there’s a trademark of a true craftsman!)

And then, once the inscription is sawed, the band is curved, and the edges are sealed together, then we —

Sorry, gals and guys, you can’t expect us to tell all our trade secrets, can you? But lets just say that once the ring is created we look it over very closely to see that there are no sharp edges, which can hurt you or your clothes; and no imperfections, that will damage the presentation of the ring – we have a reputation for excellence that we need to maintain! But the finished product looks like this:

a finished handmade silver Hebrew band that also spins!

When you buy from us at, you know that you’re getting full personalized service. When we say that we create every ring by hand, it’s not an exaggeration. This is why sometimes it’ll take longer to create a particular ring, because it depends on the complexity of the design. So be patient, because from the studio you’ve just seen, the most spectacular creations come to life.