Happy Birthday to us…

We had a great time celebrating the birthdays of Yoram and Rami, the owners of Baltinester Jewelry in Jerusalem, Israel.

Here is a picture from Yoram’s Birtrhday…


…and this is from Rami’s Birthday.


As a fairly new addition to the staff here, I was accepted right away as part of the family. (Did you notice all the cakes were homemade? That’s how we roll…)

It got me thinking to how Yoram and Rami came to own this beautiful yet modest store in the heart of Jerusalem.


So I approached Yoram and he told me his story.

Every soldier once finishing the army is approached with the question of “what now?”

Yoram had just finished the army and Rami had returned from America after working in Jewelry.

The original owners, acquaintances with Yoram and Rami’s father, asked him if he knew of anyone interested in buying a well established Jewelry Business.

He right away thought of his two sons and offered them this opportunity of a lifetime.

Baltinester was one of the first stores on Jaffa Street and as little boys Yoram and Rami remembered passing by it often thinking what it would be like to own such an establishment.

They finally were making their dreams a reality.

Since they took ownership of this hidden gem in the heart of Jerusalem, the business just took off and flourished, adding to it now two online stores!

They treat their staff as part of their family and their jewelry as their own precious treasure.

I am lucky to be working in such a wonderful place and for such warm and caring people.

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