Holiday Gifts 2016 – Our Jewelry Trends

It’s coming that time of year again when everybody is racking their brain trying to think of an original Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, or any-other-kind-of-gift you can think of. One thing is for sure: online shopping season is upon us and starting Black Friday – everybody on the face of the planet (literally!) is going to be shopping.

As far as Hebrew rings are concerned this 2016 holiday season, I suggest our rose gold collection of rings. A rose gold ring with a meaningful inscription can go a long way as a holiday gift for her. It’s unusual, trendy, and has a vintage look that is the height of fashion these days.

In honor of these holidays – here’s a sneak peek at some of the rose gold Jewish wedding rings, or friendship rings, we’re going to be uploading to Hebrings in the next couple of rings.

The first ring is the rose gold version of our laser engraved classic band. Until now this ring was available in either yellow or white gold, and now we’re offering here on Hebrings in rose gold too.

classic wedding band rose gold laser engraved

This ring is super sleek, super elegant, and the laser engraving will never fade.

The next rose gold Hebrew rings we’re offering this season are two new designs, fresh from the artist’s workshop, both designed in the vintage romantic style.

wedding band rose gold vintage romantic style brushed with beaded border and textured lettersrose gold wedding band hebrew ring with brushed finish and carved letters vintage style pyramid border

The rings have multiple textures, outside the letters on the band itself as well as within the letters – making these rings a truly charming choice.

The last ring we’ll let you peek at is a rose gold version of a cutout-engraved ring that we also make in silver. With this ring, the inscription you see in the photo is “I have betrothed you unto me forever”. Thinking of proposing to your special someone this season? This ring may just be the one for you.

classic wedding band rose gold betrothed inscription

Just remember that every ring we make is available in any inscription you see on the list, plus – if you’re looking for something more personal, wording of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us. As long as it’s not too long (because we have to fit it around the band..), we can translate it for you into Hebrew and make it.

Stay tuned for part II of this post, with even more stunning Holiday styles. All we’re gonna say is that DIAMONDS are involved!

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