Put a Name on it !

All you need to know about Name rings…

Fashion trends show that more and more customers prefer to customize the products they buy instead of already existing items. Participative shopping is just like that. Making Hebrew name rings your own is what you are looking for, more and more. The era of custom-made is definitely putting customers first.

Here is a selection of name rings for men and women or both, which you can customize with your name or a small statement word. You decide !

This 14k yellow gold ring below is a good example. It has been cutout by hand with 5 Hebrew letters, forming the name Shoshana. It is a nice alternative to name necklaces.


Now think about a name or a word that fits the visible side of your finger. If your name is a bit long, well, first of all, in Hebrew it might be shorter, second of all, it can be written in smaller letters. And what about choosing a Hebrew name that is full of meaning ? Let us help you find a Hebrew name that resembles you.


Most biblical names take their roots from Hebrew. You can also find online websites to guide you to find a Hebrew name with a meaning that suits your personality.

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