New Rings on Hebrings: Jewish Ring’s Category is UP!

We’re very excited to be adding more products to our collection. In fact, we’re opening a whole new category. So with no further ado, we’re happy to announce our newest installment: the Jewish Rings category.

What will this category include? Well, a bit of everything – all the traditionally well-known Jewish themes that have been appearing on all forms of Judaica art since the beginning of recorded-time. The designs may take inspiration from traditional themes, but the finished products utilize modern techniques and yield contemporary jewelry.

  • Jerusalem themed rings – with windows and arches, glorifying this beautiful, timeless city, holy to all three monotheistic religions.
    Spinning 14k Yellow Gold Jerusalem Motif Ring
  • Hoshen Rings – based on the biblical breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Hebrews in ancient times, set with 12 color semi precious and precious stones.
  • Lion of Judah Rings – depicting the biblical sign of the Tribe of Judah. Also a symbol of strength, bravery, and kingship as Judah is the tribe of the Messiah.
  • Shema Israel Rings – Quoting the eternal credo of Judaism “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is One”
  • Chai Rings – also referred to as Hai Rings, Chai meaning “alive” in Hebrew, proclaiming the eternal existence of the Jewish people throughout history, trials and tribulations. No matter what, the spirit of Judaism prevails and the people live on.
  • Hebrew Name Rings – an old time favorite that continues to be a popular gift item today. Great as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift, but also suitable for adults who feel that special connection with the Hebrew language.
  • Roman Glass Rings – set with beautiful shimmering, authentic, antique Roman glass. Wear a ring like this and feel absolutely imperially majestic.

… and there are yet a few more categories to come. Stay tuned !

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