Privacy has always been an important factor of the public domain; today even more so. Because we value your privacy, be advised that all the information you supply us on this website is used solely to facilitate your orders.

We do NOT – under any circumstances – share your personal information with any third party (except with law enforcing authorities if we’ll ever be required to do so – in order to prevent credit card fraud or online identity theft etc. We’ve never needed to do this so far, and there should never be a need).

You know how the phone rings and the caller identifies themselves as calling from some organization you’ve never heard of, and you wonder where they get your contact information from? Well, you can rest assured that they didn’t get it from us! We would NEVER sell your phone number, email address, or any other information to anyone. We hate spam in all forms – phone calls, emails, and sometimes even fliers. We sure ain’t gonna help spammers proliferate.

Privacy Policy Regarding Reviews and Comments

If you leave a five-star review on one of our products (thank you!), we may decide to quote you, or rephrase your comments, on Facebook or other platforms. However, we’ll never use your full name or full address. We’d never infringe on your privacy that way.