Choosing a wedding ring can be a daunting task, so at HebRings we’ve plugged away to create a quality, user friendly, and pleasant wedding-ring shopping experience for you.

To make sure your experience is glitch-free, please take a couple of minutes to read over these Terms of Use before you finalize your order. When you complete the order form, and finalize the order by paying – we’re going to assume that you have read these terms of use and agree to them. (Updated January 2017)

Ordering from Hebrings – Return Policy
Unlike other ring retailers who keep endless inventory of jewelry, we’d like to think of ourselves as “ring artists”. Each ring we create is a labor of love, handmade specifically per each customer’s personalized wills and wants.

Therefore, when you order a ring from us – it is considered a “custom-made” order, and is therefore not returnable. If, for example, you order a 14k two-tone Gold Ani Ledodi Ring with diamonds around the edges in a size 6 3/4. You receive it – you don’t like it, and you want to return it and be refunded.

Since this ring was made especially for you, as per your request, your ring size, and your design – we can’t absorb the ring “back” into our “inventory”, because as we stated before we have no regular “inventory”. We make the rings per order.

This is why you’ll find that our return policy is different than much larger jewelry retailers. With the larger retailers, you can return an item “no questions asked”. Their worldwide clientele is that vast, that big – that they can afford to absorb specialty orders into their inventory. They may even reuse the raw materials to create another jewel. But not us.

We value each item we create, and put the utmost effort into it – sometimes commissioning 4 different jewelers to create one ring – so we cannot accept returns and we do not refund monies. Especially for items with diamonds, engraved or personally inscribed rings, used, damaged, improperly packaged, altered, or resized by a jeweler other than us.

However, in the very unlikely scenario that you have ordered a ring that you absolutely loath (again – unlikely), contact us and we’ll see if there is anything that can be done. We make no promises, but we will do our best to come to an amicable solution, if possible. The refunded sum will be the total amount paid, minus shipping fees, and a restocking fee equal to 10% of the returned item cost.

Ring Engraving
You can engrave anything you want on most rings sold on However, please be aware that when a ring needs to be engraved the process time does take longer.

Ring Sizing
Sizing is a tricky business. Before you order from us, we highly (!) recommend you have your ring sized by a professional jeweler. Alternately, if you have an existing ring that fits well on the designated finger – you can trust that ring size.

This rule has one very important exception (and everybody should read this): if you’re in the market for a wide-style ring (9 mm wide and up, and there are many of these on our site), be advised that your regular ring size will probably – no, definitely – be inappropriate. If you select a size 7 for a 14 mm wide ring, based on your current size7 ring that is 5 mm wide — you can be sure it will NOT fit.

Because wide rings are, well, wide – we need to allow extra space for the ring to fit over the knuckle. We usually suggest an extra half a size, but if you’re unsure about the size – contact us first and we’ll discuss it with you to ensure we have the best size.

“Yikes!! I ordered a size 7 and it’s the wrong size. What should I do?”
The first thing to do is contact us. Depending on what kind of ring you’ve ordered we may be able to help.

Needless to say that plain gold bands are much easier to “tweak” than more ornate rings. Hebrew rings, spinning, two tone, and rings with diamond borders are much more complicated to deal with. We have to take into consideration word spacing, band spacing, adding or subtracting diamonds (a lot of work!) – so most probably a surcharge will occur. Contact us first – and we’ll continue from there.

Sending back an item for resizing
If you’ve been in touch with us, and you’ve decided to send a ring back for resizing, make sure you get specific instructions from our customer service department.

A package mailed incorrectly may be held by customs, causing the sender an extra releasing charge. This is an option we always try to avoid.

So to sum up: contact us, we’ll give you exact return instructions, then send the ring back.

Other conditions:

  • Items sent back to us without being in touch with customer service before sending – will be refused, sorry.
  • Items must be sent back in some sort of protective packing material.
  • In any case, shipping and insurance fees are non-returnable.
  • If there are custom-release charges or collect shipping charges – Hebrings will not pay these charges, sorry.

Free Shipping
We offer free express shipping worldwide with every order. Orders can be tracked every step of the way, until they reach your doorstep.


When you order from Hebrings, you can expect to hear from us at least twice:

You’ll receive one email with a copy of your order details, and you’ll receive a second email with tracking information once your package has been shipped.

You’ll also hear from us every now and then – when we’ll let you know about special promotions, new products, birthday specials etc. — but no spam. We don’t like getting spam, and we certainly don’t want to dish it.

If you no longer want us to email you, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but nevertheless we’ll wish you “Bon Voyage” and all the best in life. At any time you can simply click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email and that’s it.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is highly important to us. You can read more about it here, but the gist of it is that your privacy is highly important to us and we won’t share your personal information with anyone.


Along with privacy discussed above, secure internet interaction is just as important. All transactions on Hebrings are secured by means of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128 bit security/encryption technology. This way we have a secure channel between you and our servers.

Credit cards that are accepted on Hebrings are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. In addition, we also accommodate PayPal accounts.

In order to facilitate customers from all over the world, for your convenience we’ve implemented a currency converter function. Please note that the prices that appear via the currency converter are estimated prices, and should not be used as exact final figures.

Please note that when you pay with a credit card, you’ll be charged from overseas. Therefore, you may (or may not) see an additional charge – or a higher charge – on your credit card statement than what you see on the product page.

This charge does not originate at Hebrings and the money does not go into our pocket. The charge originates from your credit card company and is a conversion charge. Different companies have different charges, so the amount will depend on the contract you have with your company.


All the content that appears on this site – including photos, text, media, and any other information formats – are the property of Hebrings/Baltinester Jewelry.

If you want to use any of our content for non-commercial personal use, feel free to contact us and we’ll consider your request. Using any content from this site without written permission from the owner is infringement and is considered a felony punishable by law.

(Interested in a custom-made ring? make sure to read about Copyright of Custom Made Orders)

Product Information
We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time (really) and effort in each of the rings that appear on our site. We’ve taken pictures, measured items, and written detailed description in order to give you the most accurate and realistic impression of the items you’re interested in.

However, every device will render things slightly differently. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers may portray slight variations of colors and lighting. It may happen that the ring you receive is not a 100% likeness to the picture displayed on the site.

We have done our best, trying to be as most precise as possible, but we’re only human and sometimes mistakes will happen. We apologize ahead of time for any mistakes you may find on the website. Please alert us to the mistake and we’ll be sure to rectify it as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding.

When visiting our site and ordering from us, you are – in effect – acknowledging that you accept these terms and agree to them, as a binding agreement between you and Hebrings/Baltinester Jewelry.

Periodically we may revise this Terms of Use document. If we do, we’ll change the “last updated” date on the top of this page. Feel free to check this page for occasional updates.


We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience,

The Hebrings Team